Towns County Historical Society, Inc.

PO Box 1182
Hiawassee, Georgia 30546




TCHS meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30PM, at the new Senior Center next to the Rec Center in Hiawassee, GA.


Local citizens 65 years or older:

Please contribute to our county's oral history. Fill out our application and return it to us, and we will contact you.



Samuel Osborne Home

Hiawassee, 1896

"My Home and Friends"


Educational Survey of Towns County, 1917, with photos of schools (PDF, 21MB)

 Welcome to the

Towns County Historical Society

The Towns County Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation, protection and understanding of our county's heritage. It promotes the study, appreciation and interpretation of local and regional history, including both Appalachian and Native American history.

Activities include the investigation, study, display, publication and dissemination of such history, e.g. Oral history, folklore, community studies, the historical preservation of buildings and structures. The goal of such activities is to educate and stimulate an interest by the citizens and friends of Towns County in all facets of its history and heritage.